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Imagery- depiction of friends, family, barkada, etc...


                                                            1ed1 - here are 2 pictures of our class. first the wacky and second our formal pose.

                                                                actually their are 4

                    pictures but i doesn't have the time scan it because i think they just all look the same.


                                                                                 highschool - the memory of my past. here you'll see the picture of the girls

                                         of my batch and, also, the boys. I also add in the year 4 simplicity and, before that

                                                                                                    , year 3 prudence.



                                                                         family - portraits of my family and friends or gang...

                                                                                                                                            in a group type...


                                            CESC - college of education student council. rules...



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                my alter ego's

                                                college life