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I am Me
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I am Me

Hay! It's just me and getting Famous

Graduation Picture

     Im an archetypal juvenile teenager whos still inside the closet and hiding from my shame. By the way, I am known as Bonn Vener. My friends call me vonne and, at times, enzo. And I want you to be one of them. Born on March 12, 1988, in the Pearl of the Orient Sea. I was baptized in a Roman Catholic way and raised in a strict space in Manila.
     Im an open guy where you can simply contact or find like a needle in a hay stock. Actually you can already know me in a simple word of sweet. I like sweet food like chocolates, music that touches our emotions, places where you say romantic, fragrance that make us float in the air and etc. You can jam with me in the mall, arcade or movie house, and in my room where we can hit upon thrill and escapade.
     Im a capricious lad and very temperamental and I mean it. I hate people murmuring negatively and stretch it and become Lies, deceit, and more falsehood about me. I like mysteries to be decipher by my own and I only call for assist when I already require to. I can tell you secrets but I dont think our bond is going to prolong because you might not comprehend and disgust me more than accept.
     Im a poignant type of college freshmen in UST whom youll spot my vigor and limitation with the aid of the Stars and Signs. I find my self accepted easily with my companions with no ignorance at all. I dare things to be able to reach my dreams and make the impossible out of it. Im unique and a special person and so is you. You might think that Im weird or odd but the truth is Im only different.


Favorite Stuff

Fav Shampoo:Head and Shoulders 

Fav Soap:Likas papaya soap

Fav Perfume:Atlantis, Bench and Eternity, Ck 

Fav Store(s):Bench

Fav Ice Cream Flavor:Very rocky road

Fav Snack:Chocolates 
Fav Book(s):Economics 

Fav Candy / Chocolate:Toothsy Roll 
Fav School Subject(s):Economics, Computer Subjects and Home Economics 
Fav Color:Black, Red, White, Yellow,
Orange, Green and Turquoise 
Fav TV Show(s):Kakabakaba, Malcolm in the Middle, Lizzy McGuire and Taina 

Fav Singers/bands/groups:Gary V., Mark Bautista, Sarah Geronimo, 6cyclemind, Moffats, Aaron Carter, 911, Billy Gilman, Josh Groban, Billy Crawford, Gareth Gates,  Charlotte Church, Stacie Oricco and Simple Plan. 

Fav Clothes:Bench 

Fav Animals:Insects 
Fav Actor(s):Francisco James Muniz IV 

Fav Actresses:Amanda Bynes and Hillary Duff 
Fav Food(s):Chocolates, Chinese, Japanese and Mexican Foods 

Fav Beverage(s):Cola 

Fav Movie(s):Horror, Comedy and Suspense
Fav Sports/Team:Swimming and Volley Ball 
Fav Cartoon(s):Astro Boy, Maximillion (Son of Goofy) and Marvin the Martian

Fav Place/hang out:School and Movie House or Mall

Fav Element:Fire, Earth, Water, Wind and Spirit

Fav Medium:Paper


Personal Stuff


Strength:Vitamins and Minerals

Weakness:Smoke and Pollution

Astrological Sign:Pieces

Chinese Sign:Wood Dragon

Best Advice Received:Accept that you are Ignorant

Quote:Repetition is the warrant to perfection


Dare to Dream, Dare to Hope, Dare to Soar, Dare to Believe, Dare to Love, Dare to Trust, Dare to Survive, Dare to Excel, Dare to Shine . . .

And your goals are soon to be reached...

I'm a living proof...

     Pwede po nyo akong sulatan sa 534 Sancho Panza St., Sampaloc Manila Philippenes 1008 o sa aking e mail add or

Pwede nyo po akong tawagan sa aking Mobile phone sa numerong 0910-633-5993. Pwede rin po nyong bisitahin ang aking web site,